5 Healthy Hair Hacks

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Self-care is THE mantra of the year. One item under self-care that I do make a priority is healthy hair! My hair has been through a lot over the years!

It’s all over Pinterest and personally, it’s something I’m trying to get back into the routine of. (First-time mom here so I don’t get much time to myself lately)

True story: It’s gone from bleached blonde, red, blue, short, long, and even a mohawk! (2 years in high school lol)

Now I have long healthy mermaid hair and I intend on keeping it that way.

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The best part is that this healthy hair routine I stick to is very low maintenance and easy!

So if you’re looking for ways to bring that healthy vibrancy back to your hair whether you prefer short or long length, these 5 simple hacks will accomplish that!

DIY Hair Mask

Pros will tell you to deep condition your hair every so often. They even sell hair mask packets at stores too. But this DIY hair mask is cheaper and has the same conditioning effects. Plus it only requires TWO ingredients!

For the coconut oil, you can use unrefined (to keep the coconut smell) or refined. There is no other difference when using it in your hair.

I take the castor oil first and rub small amounts over my roots and scalp. A little goes a long way!

Then I scoop coconut oil and rub it in my hands until it melts and spread throughout the rest of my hair. I pay extra attention to the ends.

Once you cover your hair with the oil, pin it up and leave it in for about an hour. (I usually put my hair mask on after dinner, then sit down and watch an episode or two of my favorite shows)

To wash it out, I just go about my normal shampoo and conditioner routine.

The frequency of hair mask: 1-2 a month (since I’m dealing with postpartum crazy hair, I’ve been doing it 3x a month)

Turn Down The Heat

Or better yet turn off the heat. We all know heat is not good for those hair follicles if you want healthy hair. That’s why they sell heat protectant sprays and creams.

Skip the sprays and creams and let your hair dry naturally. If you don’t like leaving the house with damp hair, blow dry it on the lowest temp setting and don’t hold the dryer too close to your hair.

Hair Dryer. Healthy Hair Hacks

I like washing my hair in the evenings so I can let it dry on its own. If I do wash in the morning, I simply put it in a loose braid and let it dry. (As a bonus, I get nice wavy hair)

I used to obsessed with wanting to straighten my hair all the time, but the constant heat even with the spray was causing my ends to split faster.

Now I rock my hair more often with the waves from the braid, which adds more bounce and volume anyway.

On occasion I will use a straightener, but only if I have some serious kinks in my hair.

Skip A Wash

I know this sounds crazy, but skipping a hair wash here and there is good!

Your scalp naturally releases oils to coat your hair, if you constantly wash it off, your body produces more!

This is why some people say they have oily hair, but they don’t realize washing it every day could be causing that!

I used to wash my hair every other day. But now I wash it every 3 days. In the winter, since it’s less humid it’s every 4!

If you’re not used to this, it sounds icky, but unless you’re getting super sweaty every day, your hair will not smell.

Plus, this next hack helps keep your roots fresh between washes!

Dry Shampoo

So I mentioned I am not a fan of using a ton of product. But one thing I do swear by is dry shampoo.

I can almost guarantee that if you’re a mom you swear by it too!

Here’s the trick to it. I only use it once between washes. So the routine looks like this

  • Day 1-wash hair
  • Day 2- hair is still fresh wear however
  • Day 3- dry shampoo on roots, style in a braid
  • Day 4- wash hair or if not too oily style in a bun

So yea I typically wash my hair every 3-4 days. But lately I’ve gone every 4-5 days. And I honestly see no difference in smell or feel. If I do stretch my washings I use dry shampoo twice in the week.

My favorite dry shampoo is Not Your Mother’s. They now even carry a line for dark hair so you don’t accidentally leave a white powder spot somewhere haha!

Limit Hair Products

The hair care aisle in stores in daunting. They have everything under the sun for this hair or that. Frizz-free serum, curl magic, super mega hold spray, split end defender.

Ok, I’m making up names, but you get the idea.

Healthy Hair product aisle

Don’t get me wrong, I know that some hair types need a little product to help manage. But sometimes less is more.

Try to limit your product use or switch to a brand that best suits your hair type. Cheap is not always best either.

I used to fight my flyaway hairs with all sorts of sprays or serums. Problem is it was making my hair feel heavy and oily fast.

I ditched the extra products and just kept it simple.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • DIY hair mask

Yep, that is all I use in my hair and it has never felt better and healthy before.

My hair stylist compliments my hair health each time I go for a trim or refresher on my color. (Which I only color my hair 1x a year! Balayage for the win!)

Below is a list of the exact products I use on my hair and I don’t intend on changing.

Shampoo Ren Pure Originals Biotin & Collegen (I love it because it’s paraben, sulfates, and  phalates free)

ConditionerRen Pure Originals Biotin & Collagen

Coconut oil

Castor oil

Dry Shampoo

So there you have it. My low maintenance, time-saving, busy woman healthy hair hacks.

What is your secret to keeping your hair looking it’s best? Do you do something completely different?

Share with us in the comments below!

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