Gift Ideas For The Traveling Mom

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Mother’s Day is approaching fast! And if you are anything like me, you probably haven’t even thought about what to do or get for your mom. This year, in particular, is a little more special because it is the first time I get to celebrate as a mom too! So I started thinking about what type of gifts the “traveling mom” would love and appreciate!

I love that many stores and places focus on gifts that are cute, pink, and spa themed. But what about us traveling mommas that well are not necessarily into pink fuzzy slippers? (And I doubt some of y’all need another robe!)

That is where this list comes in! I put together some gift ideas that I know would be a sure hit with that special travel mom in your life! (Let’s just hope my husband is reading this article…hint hint!) You may want to share and send this to your significant other too!

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Passport Holder

This is definitely something that comes in handy for my international travelers, a customizable passport holder. What I love about this holder is not only can you customize the name on it, but they also have 30 different designs to choose from! It is also made from eco-friendly leather which is another big win in my book!

personalized passport holder for the traveling mom

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Travel  Plug Adapter

There is nothing more frustrating than going to another country only to find you don’t have a compatible charger for your camera, phone, or hair straightener. This travel adapter from HaoZi comes in 3 colors and is compatible for over 150 countries, including EU, UK, and Asia.

What I like about this adapter is I can charge up to 3 devices at once without issue.

travel plug adapter

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Bra Organizer

Because face it smushed bras are just not cool.

What is awesome about this underwear packing cube is not only does it have a compartment for bras, but also underwear and socks. This one also features space for makeup or small travel toiletries. ( you know the hotel ones we all collect and keep for no reason at all…)

While this is similar to other options out there, what sets this particular organizer apart from the rest is that it is waterproof! So my backpacking ladies…no wet bras! Woo!

traveling mom bra organizer

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Packing Cubes

Speaking of organization. I know plenty of moms and women in general who highly prefer to pack their travel clothes and items neatly and easy to locate.

That’s why you can’t go wrong with adding packing cubes as a bonus to the bra organizer mentioned before.

As a mom, I need to keep things organized and tidy otherwise I feel like it everything falls apart.

packing cubes

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Super Lite Travel Yoga Mat

Traveling is fun, but it doesn’t have to interrupt her workouts. This travel yoga mat is lightweight, grippy, and folds to fit in any bag. The Manduka brand comes highly recommended by many.

So no more working out on hotel gym equipment wondering when the last time it’s been cleaned. Better yet use it in the hotel room to squeeze in that quick 10 minute body weight routine.

travel yoga mat

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Jo Totes Camera Bag

Is your traveling mom also a photography lover? I love documenting my journeys with my dslr camera, because well I like taking high quality photos to enjoy for years to come.

What I don’t like is carrying around my bag that screams camera bag to possible thieves. Sad but true, when traveling anywhere that includes busy cities and crowds, you have to be on alert from thieves. So I try to not carry things that mark me as an obvious tourist.

This bag does just that.

 stylish camera bag for the traveling mom

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Travel Scarf

While we are on the topic of keeping valuables out of sight. This infinity travel scarf is a perfect match! It’s lightweight, has a hidden zip for money and her passport, and comes in a variety of colors.

traveling mom infinity zipper scarf

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SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle

It may not be cute and stylish, but with this water bottle, function beats style any day.

Not only is having a reusable bpa free bottle more eco-friendly, but it has a 4 stage filter system in the straw. Trusting water is never more important than when traveling, especially when going international.

BPA free waterbottle for the traveling mom

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Travel Journal

I love taking photos to have as memories, but writing down my day on trips is also highly rewarding. With journaling, I can convey how I felt during the experience or write down a funny story that happened.

Photos alone can’t do this. Not to mention writing out feelings and journal keeping is just plain healthy for the mind.

With that being said, I love writing in journals that have a fun style and personality with some form of travel appeal to them. Like this one by Maleden.

travel journal

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Traveling Mom Inspired Jewelry

So these next few items are perfect even from when she is not jet setting across the world. For me I love wearing my bracelet with the mountains charm, it not only reminds me of past adventures, but motivates me to seek out more.

Keep her wanderlusting with these beautiful pieces below!

world necklace

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mountain bracelet

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Don’t forget to pin this article for later! To the traveling mom reading this, Happy Mother’s Day!!

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