How To Create A Travel Budget

How Should I Budget For Vacation? Traveling is my absolute favorite way to spend time with my family. Whether it’s in-state, out of state, or out of the country. Some people have told me,” It must be nice to have money to travel often.” The truth behind what allows us to travel is we create … Read more

Hiking Enchanted Rock, TX.

When it comes to hiking in Texas, there is no shortage of amazing places to visit. From the beautiful deserts of West Texas to the tall Cypress trees and woods in the East.  Then there is my favorite region…the Texas Hill Country. It’s almost the best of both worlds a combination of desert like rock … Read more

Isla Mujeres: Things To Do And Where To Stay

Isla Mujeres is a wonderful vacation destination in Mexico known for its pristine beaches and friendly locals. I absolutely loved my visit to this little slice of paradise. So I want to share my advice on where to stay and things to do on the island. Getting To Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres is best reached … Read more

Hiking Tips For Beginners: A Guide On Getting Started

Are you thinking about getting into the outdoor scene? Maybe try out hiking as a way to exercise and experience the splendor of nature? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry you are not alone! We can conquer your questions about hiking tips for beginners together! Hiking and being outdoors is quickly becoming more and … Read more