7 Texas Beaches That Are A Must Visit

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The Best Beaches In Texas

It’s always comical when you mention you’re from Texas to someone and the usual response is, “ so like you own a horse and gun right?” Or, “Everyone is a cowboy and it’s all desert right?”While all those may or may not be true, people often don’t realize we also have some amazing Texas beaches that make escaping that Texas heat easy!

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Below are 7 beaches in Texas that rank among the top must visit whether your a local Texan or out of state visitor.

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Port Aransas

Port A, Texas Beach

This is my personal favorite beach town. It has that perfect small local vibe with the classic beach stores. (One even has a giant shark, perfect for photo ops!)

While this little town got hit pretty hard in by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, it has bounced back for the better!

Port A is actually an island off of Corpus Christi, Tx. You can take a bridge from Corpus to get to it or a car ferry from Aransas Pass. (I like the ferry, more chances of spotting dolphins.)

Besides having good beach spots, you can also check out the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center (they also have alligators), Roberts Point Park observation tower (more dolphin spotting), and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Want a more secluded beach? Catch a boat from the wharf to San Jose Island.

After a day in the sun, dive into some local restaurants, they offer some great deals and even better food! Or cruise around on a golf cart rental, one of the islands main mode of transport.

Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island is an 18 mile barrier island with Port A actually being the most northern end of it.

While Port A is my favorite beach town, Mustang Island State park is my favorite beach. The state park is only a 20 minute drive from Port Aransas, so I like to spend my chunk of the day at the state park beach, then head into town for the afternoon.

The state park beach is great for all activities, swim, surf, kayak, paddle board, or just making sand castles. What I like is you can drive straight onto the beach, meaning I don’t have to park and walk down with all my beach gear!

Right now with spring making its way in, you can view some pretty awesome bird migrations! Not just seagulls either. (You want to hide your snacks from those sneaky devils. I’ve witnessed one steal a corndog straight from someone’s hand!)

Did I mention camping?!!

You can camp right on the beach at Mustang Island State Park. Drift of to sleep with the soothing sounds of waves. Just be sure to book a reservation, the 48 spots fill up quick! You can make reservations over at the Texas Parks And Wildlife website.

Check reservation availability here.

Rockport Beach

Rockport is another small little Texas beach town north of Corpus Christi. In fact it is 31 miles from the city and 18 miles away from Port Aransas.

With the close proximity of all 3, you can turn your beach vacation into a little beach tour and visit each one! This way you can determine your favorite to venture back to in the future.

Rockport Beach is a smaller beach but a great family beach. (Voted top ten for Texas Beaches!) The shore waters are fairly shallow, which gives peace of mind for parents. The best part is the beaches are groomed.

Rockport, Texas Beach

Meaning nice sands without all the piles of seaweed!

Across the way is Little Bay and ski basin. The bay is known for fishing, kayaking, skiing , sup boarding, or just  hanging out.

While in Rockport, don’t forget to take your picture by the giant blue crab!

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a cool beach town that offers something for everyone. They have multiple beach spots for fishing, surfing, sunbathing, exploring piers or jetties, and kid friendly spots (smaller waves).

If you’re looking for peace and quiet with perfect sand then head over to Whitecap Beach.

Have kids?

McGee beach is a great spot for a family of little ones as the waters are a bit calmer. Not to mention it is close to downtown for other fun activities!

North Beach is another great family spot. Not only will you have a chance to hang out at the beach, but you will have have an amazing view of the USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier!

Both the USS Lexington and Texas State Aquarium is located at North Shore, so this makes it a no brainer on where to spend time entertaining family.

P.S. the aquarium also has a kids play area and splash pad!!


Galveston is another fun beach town. They have a ton of activities to offer besides relaxing at the beach.

If traveling with kids, this is probably a top of the list for weekend getaways.

So what does this city offer?

First, there is Moody Gardens, a hotel with three massive glass pyramids. Can’t miss them!

While the hotel is not something to do, the pyramids are! One is an aquarium and another is a rainforest garden with animals.

You can also find a ropes course and zip line on the premises.

Next, there is Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. It offers fun retro rides, shops, and restaurants. Perfect for an afternoon to get the kids tired if you ask me! Haha!

Galveston Texas Beach

Last, if the beach is not your thing, then you will want to visit Schlitterbahn Waterpark. It’s open year round with a heated indoor park and a seasonal outdoor area.

**camping is offered at Galveston Island State Park, but Mustang Island is where it’s at in terms of which I prefer**

Crystal Beach

Nominated one of the top 5 family beaches in Texas, Crystal Beach is to not be overlooked.

This beach is located on the Bolivar Peninsula, just 17 miles outside of Galveston.

Texas Beach, Crystal Beach

It’s known for pristine sands, blue waters, and small crowds.

This beach offers camping and horseback riding along with the usual swim and surf fun.

The temperature here is perfect during spring and summer. With highs in the 90’s and the water being about 10 degrees colder than the air temp, it makes it perfect for those like me who hate frigid ocean water.

South Padre Island

Finally, this last Texas beach is the “party beach”. Well at least most Texans know this is where spring break really happens!

Aside from its reputation as a party place, the beaches here really are amazing!

The island is lined with that postcard perfect powder like sand and blue waters. Not to mention the resorts here are something that resembles an exotic getaway.

If traveling with family, you can stay at the Schlitterbahn beach resort. Not only do they have a water park, but they also have their own private beach. This makes it far less crowded than the public areas.

Things to do include:

  • Kayaking
  • SUP boarding
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Seashell hunting
  • And of course soaking in that vitamin D

For adults, you MUST visit Clayton’s! It’s the largest beach bar in Texas! Not only do they offer good food and yummy drinks, but it’s a perfect spot to watch the sunset too.

Everything is just beachy y’all!

So, are your bags packed yet? I think it’s time to make that weekend getaway plan now!

Have more recommendations? What Texas beaches have you been to and love? Leave a comment below!

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7 Texas Beaches That Are A Must Visit

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17 thoughts on “7 Texas Beaches That Are A Must Visit”

  1. This makes me want to visit TX and lounge on the beach. I never thought of TX as being a beach town. I need to make travel plans.

    • Yes! So many people don’t realize we actually have some pretty nice beaches for being part of the Gulf of Mexico. I think you’d really enjoy South Padre. There is plenty to do there!

  2. Wow some nice beaches in Texas, never thought:) The aquarium looks like fun for kids

    • The aquarium is awesome! It’s actually one of my favorites in Texas! They just made some recent exhibit additions too!

  3. Great post! I am actually visiting Texas right now! I’m going to check out one of these beaches this weekend!

    • Oh perfect! Would love to know which one you decided and how you liked it!! 💙🤠

  4. Wow, I grew up in Houston, and I never knew there were any more beaches than Galveston. That’s the only one my Mom ever took us to. Thank you for the great information. Now I can’t wait to take my children to visit them. I love your blog!

    • Thank you so much! And yes I only knew of Corpus Christi and Galveston growing up too! It wasn’t until I was older and started venturing more with my husband that we found the other gems! 💙

    • Oh man a visit to Texas at least once is a must! We have so much to offer! Especially in the San Antonio, Austin, and Houston region!

  5. I’m always looking for a great beach. Thanks for sharing. These are now on my list!

  6. Being from Arlington TX, I thought maybe you might have listed a beach I hadn’t been to yet, but no – you covered all my favorites! Galveston is the closest, but Port Aransas is our family favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  7. My family and I just moved to Arkansas not far from Texas border will have to visit some of these beaches this summer for sure!

    • You should definitely visit Texas! There is just so much to do! And yes the beaches are a must during summer!

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