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Oh, the joys of being pregnant, from the first ultrasound to first kick to baby registry. I loved being pregnant!……

Ok so did I fool you yet? I will be the first to admit….ok maybe not first…that I did not LOVE being pregnant. I mean seriously is there someone out there that LOVED every minute of it? Even the randomly needing to vomit from the slightest smells?

Baby Registry

Don’t get me wrong, I was giddy every time he kicked or moved. I got teary-eyed at every ultrasound listening to that little heartbeat. I even appreciated the increase in butt mass even if it was mostly water weight. I just could have done without the other side effects.

Alright so let’s get to the point of why I am writing this. The baby registry! I don’t know about you but walking around the store with the scanner gun is tons of fun! It actually becomes very tempting to scan shit you didn’t even think you needed.

Glow in the dark butt wipes warmer?! SCAN!! Just kidding there is no sure thing, not to mention you really shouldn’t bother with a wipe warmer anyway. It takes away the fun of seeing your baby’s face when that cool wipe first touches.

Registry Fun

So I had to create my registry twice! Yep, did the whole checklist, spent a few hours in Babies R’ US only to find out that they were closing up shop two months before my baby shower. So I went with the next best alternative in my opinion. Target.

Setting up a registry with Target was just as easy except no scan gun. I know bummer…. Good news though is that it is actually done through your phone. Your cell phone becomes the scanner by downloading the app and using your phone’s camera to scan barcodes.

The cool thing about this feature is it is also linked to Target’s website. So if you don’t see the crib sheet color you want in the store, you can add it to your list from the online store in the app. Your guests can then either have that item shipped to the store for them to pick up or they can ship it straight to your house.

After spending another few hours in Target redoing my registry to now having a beautiful healthy 3 month old son, I figured it was time to review what ended up being the best things I added. This list is of things I have used on a daily basis since Day 1 of baby and I personally recommend to any first time mom. So without further ado…

1. Muslin Swaddle Blankets

The muslin swaddle blankets have become my absolute favorite from the things I registered for. They are really soft and durable! Mine have survived all sorts of stains and washings. They still look and feel new 3 months in.  I went with the brand Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddle

muslin swaddles

What I love about them is I use them for many things. I will admit my first intention was just to use these as a blanket and burp cloth for when we were out and about. I wanted to use those nifty velcro swaddles for swaddling.

Surprise! My son HATED the velcro ones, once we looked up how to swaddle with the muslin blanket it was peaceful sleep from then on. Until month 2 where he insisted on his arms being free. So we still swaddled his lower body to keep him from startling too much.

I have 6 blankets because I hate doing laundry too begin with so I wanted to have enough to last without washing every other day.

2. Hooded Towels

Not all hooded towels are created equal! We added a particular one to our registry (Cloud Island Animal hooded towel), we received that one as well as a different brand. Because people will sometimes get you things that you didn’t even register for. But more on that later…

Hooded fox towel

While both were the same soft material, the length is what made all the difference. The Cloud Island brand is a nice large size to swaddle up your baby after baths and a size they can grow into over time.

The other one was too small to wrap up our son completely. Which if you’re expecting a son, trust me you want to wrap everything or you’ll end up getting a different type of shower.

3. Diapers and Wipes

Ok so this one is a no brainer…but again you would be surprised how often people don’t go for this item on registries. It’s like they prefer to get your baby something cute versus something oh I don’t know….practical.

We added 1 box of newborn, 2 boxes of size 1, and then 1 box of every size on up to our list and still we ended up with several boxes of size 1’s.  I wasn’t too worried because stores are typically awesome and let you exchange those boxes for different sizes.

I have even taken back an opened box because that brand caused a rash on my son. The store gladly accepted it and allowed me to exchange for another brand.

4. Washcloths

I won’t really say much other than their size is what makes them a favorite of mine. I keep one washcloth pretty much everywhere. In the stroller caddy, a few in the diaper bag, in the car, and of course for bathing.

I know they have actual burp towels I have 4, but for me, the washcloth size is just a little more convenient and less bulky. Because let’s face it, I’m already carrying enough things in the diaper bag.

5. Diaper bag

I was really excited to know that the diaper bag selection has really picked up its game from well even a few years ago. I could not see myself carrying this giant tote with pockets upon pockets.

It may be the preference for some, but I don’t like the idea of trying to carry a bag on one arm and a baby in the other. So enter the diaper backpack! I LOVE the Eddie Bauer backpack for a few reasons. The most obvious reason is it allows me to keep my arms free without risk of it slipping off a shoulder.

For you minimalist mommas like me, it also is just enough storage for what you need on an outing. I use little zip pouches to keep things organized in mine. One for an extra set of clothes. Another for a little comb, travel size baby soap, and nail file. (I swear my son’s nails grow by the minute)

The backpack still has room for diapers, bottles, back up pacifiers, and a pocket from my wallet. I choose the Eddie Bauer backpack because I liked the look of it. It is a unisex style so Dad can sport it around too. It does come with a little changing pad, that I actually took out.

Instead, I bought a folding full body changing pad. It folds flat for storing and is big enough to last for a growing baby. Because face it, you don’t want any part of your child touching that public changing table in the restrooms.

6. Nasal Suction

The hospitals are kind enough to give you a small nasal aspirator along with some diapers and other little things. Although I like how they act like they are doing you the favor with these baby “starter gifts”. In my mind, I see it as they are giving me what I paid for, so ladies don’t be afraid to empty out that diaper drawer in the hospital.

Going back to the nose situation, I am not a fan of the bulb, it just doesn’t work well enough for my son’s sticky boogers. Not to mention I was nervous sticking something inside his tiny little nostrils. Enter the Nose Frida!


If you have seen or heard of it, it might gross you out, the idea of sucking out boogers with your mouth. Trust me, your little one’s snot will get nowhere near your mouth. I put one on the registry because I was more curious than anything.

First time I used it, I was nervous, I didn’t know how much power to put behind the suction. It surprisingly doesn’t take much to get the job done. The best part is the nothing goes inside the nostril, so no risk of poking anything.

All in all, I give this an A+ and my son actually does not mind it. Don’t forget to ask for filter refills!

7. Stain Remover

You are probably already thinking, well duh, of course, I am going to add detergent to the list. I definitely think you should! But I am not talking about baby detergent, I’m talking stain remover to use WITH the detergent.

Baby poop stains like no other, especially if it’s breastfed poop. I swear that stuff stains more permanent than bleach. Get a good stain remover and you can confidently dress you kid in light colored clothes without fear of the yellow stains!

I have tried a few because of either gift or on sale, but the best one to date is the Dreft stain remover. Spray the stain right away and throw in the wash, it comes out as good as new. Heck, I’ve sprayed stains and threw in the hamper to wash later and it still worked perfectly. Same with stains that have sat for a while. It will happen at least once, your out and about and your kid has a blowout diaper.


Although I like to use the term “poop-splosion

Yep, that was me at a store once, it was everywhere…down his pants to his socks. I know, I know my kid is talented.

Bottom line, the stains came out even after washing them a few hours later.

8. A Boppy

If you are planning on breastfeeding, this will be something you will love to have around the house. I know there are different types and brands to choose from nowadays, but the boppy is good enough for me to use and move from room to room.


It allows me to feed him and be hands free to eat, drink my coffee, or read articles on my phone. Not to mention it made a good cushion on sit on in those early postpartum days.

Even at 4 months old, my son still likes to use it for nursing even though his legs hang off. (tall kid problems) He also loved it for the early stages of tummy time and being propped up for laying at an incline.

I registered for the plain white one and then added slipcovers to the list.

9. Playgym

Playgyms are a fun thing to have for baby. They have so many uses, tummy time mat, sensory appeal for the eyes, hand-eye coordination when grabbing toys.

To me, it’s a fun little option to keep your baby engaged for a little bit, especially when you have to go to the bathroom really quick!

Now there are plenty to options and themes to these playgyms and you really can’t go wrong here on whichever one you choose. Since I love animals, travel, outdoors, I opted for the Baby Einstein 5 in 1 World of Discovery Learning Gym.


It features a little world map with animals and can be converted into a little ball pit when they are older. I am all about things that will last for more than just a month or two.

10. Soothing Swing

Tell you what, I never knew just how big the baby industry was until my husband and I was expecting our first child. There are at least 10 options for each item you look for. The choices can honestly get overwhelming. I got to the point that I was just choosing the first one I saw.

That’s how I ended up with this Fisher-Price Sweet Surroundings Swing. It was gray (my color scheme) and it was an animal….boom scan!

baby swing

I did not do any previous research or anything and you know what? It turned out to be an awesome addition to the keep baby calm equipment. My favorite feature is the ambient sounds of the rainforest on it.

It does also have music, but the nature sounds seemed the soothe the best. At 4 months old, my son does not need to be soothed by it as much anymore, but it’s where we enjoy breakfast.

Or should I say I enjoy breakfast, he sits and watches me, I know I’m such a tease. But we have had some great mommy and son “conversations” when I sit on the floor in front of him.

11. Nursing Pads

So this last “I highly recommend” item is not for the baby, but for boobies. Yep….I just said boobies.

Anyway, since I was going the breastfeeding route, I read that there would be leakage. No surprise on the accuracy of that statement. I choose washable nursing pads over disposable ones. (environmental geek strikes again!)

I initially put and received just one 4-pack of Bamboobies nursing pads. But I found out fairly quickly that 2 pairs weren’t enough unless you plan on washing them every other day. So because I was buying this next pack I bought a different brand that said “organic cotton”. Yea I wore those once and never again.

nursing pads

Itchy nipples along with being sore are definitely a no go! So I went back and bought another pack of the Bamboobies. I’m glad to report happy nipples ever since.

So there you have it, my list of favorite items from my baby registry that I use still to this day!

What I Won’t Add Next time

As far as what I would not add to my next registry…..clothes.

I know sounds strange, but here is why. My husband and I went off a standard baby registry guide and it recommended onesies of various sizes. We only put a few of each because well we were not sure how big our son would be at birth or how fast he would grow.

Not to mention, even though this was baby #1, I knew for a fact that some people completely ignore the registry and do there own thing like buy outfits, which is totally ok in my book.

That’s pretty much what happened with us, we ended up with so many clothes thanks to family and friends, that some did not even get worn because he outgrew them. (So never remove tags all at once, you can definitely return those items to the stores for store credit!)

Right now as Greyson outgrows things I pack them up in empty diaper boxes and label them 0-3 months, etc. That way for kid # 2 we have a good start. I have actually ended up will so many clothes that about half I donated to moms in need on various mom groups on facebook.

To me, this option was better than trying to sell them or donate at goodwill. I know how expensive a baby can get, so why not help each other out right?

So! What are some things that you just have to have on your registry? Or did you also included some of the things mentioned above? Leave me a comment on what item you look forward to the most!

And hey! Congrats on your newest addition to the family!

Ready to create your registry? Click the link below to get going!

Target Baby Registry

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Therose · at

I wish I would have known about that suction thing when my daughter was born instead of trying to use the ball that you squeeze. The Rock ‘n Play was a life saver for me. I had a swing similar to the one you bought and she hated it. It was fancy with roses and butterflies and had music and nature sounds. I was sure she’d love it, but no… The Oxy Clean stain remover has been a life saver for me. I put my clothes in a bucket, soak them over night in the stain remover, wash them and they’re good as new. Thanks for sharing.

    Justine Hiett · at

    Isn’t it funny how each baby is so different? The baby industry definitely makes a killing off us haha. And yep the nose frida has been a life saver for keeping little man congestion free.

Dani · at

You have highlighted some great tips here! This is a great collection of dos and donts for a FTM ☺️

Marie Lewis · at

Thanks for this list! Being that I am expecting Baby #3 May 2019, this was very informative. If you can believe it, I’ve never done a baby registry. I had a high risk pregnancy with my first born, I had a baby shower with my second but didn’t do a registry (not sure why). But I want to go all out this go around! Your blog gives me good ideas of what to include! Thanks again.

    Justine Hiett · at

    Yes definitely go all out! It’s soo much fun! I wish you the best with your little ones and congrats on the newest addition!

Maggie@cascadeavenue · at

I had no idea there was a baby registry, my daughter is 24 we didn’t have all this technology back then.

    Justine Hiett · at

    As a first time mom I am very thankful for the fact that registries exist! Target even gives you a checklist guide!

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