Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Love Every Aspect!


Love Every Aspect is a blog that shares my passion for the outdoors, travel, stress-free living, and most importantly family.  Here I love sharing the tools and resources that I have used myself as well as those I have come across that could potentially help you. Whether it’s to get outside and enjoy nature more, finding tips for making your daily routines a little easier, reading up on parenting strategies that work, or just fun stories about my parenting an travel adventures; there’s something for everyone!

Our Why:

When people start a new project or even a new business, they start with a why. This why is what drives them, motivates them to learn more, do more, or finally take that leap of faith and begin on a new life path.

So what’s my why? The first is my love of traveling and being outdoors, I get so much joy when I share stories of my travels and inspire others to want to get outside and see the beauty in the world and what nature has to offer. My second “why” is my son. I started this blog in June 2018, the month I became a first-time mom to my amazing son. I knew that not only did I want to continue exploring and create new adventures with my new little family, I also knew there was no way I could go back to the standard 9-5 rat race called a job. With this blog, I hope to inspire others that they too can find ways to enjoy life in every aspect.

A little more about me:

My name is Justine and I am wife to my loving husband Greg, and first time mommy to Greyson Wolfe. I was a full time secondary teacher before I made the leap to be a stay at home mom (A decision I do not regret in any way). I taught physical education and health before getting the opportunity to teach my passion subject, environmental science. Currently, I reside in Texas (yes our pride for our state truly does match the size of our state). My hobbies if you haven’t guessed by now is getting outdoors for anything and everything! From hiking nearly every weekend, camping at different parks across the country, frequent trips to Disneyworld (because who doesn’t love Disney?), to traveling to international destinations like Costa Rica. I also love practicing my hand at nature and wildlife photography.

A quick fun fact about me, I actually went to school and received my degree in Exercise Science. I grew up playing soccer while traveling around with my family. So health and wellness is also a huge part of who I am. My soccer days are behind me, but my knowledge for health and wellness is what allows me to go on epic hikes and still climb trees at the 30 something age. Not to mention, it will help me keep up with my son as he gets older!

So stick around and be sure to check out some of my latest posts. Don’t forget to leave me a comment or contact me! I love to hear from y’all and places you’ve been to or daily tips that have helped you!